Top Ranked Dog Supplements Reviews for 2018

Unlike human beings, dogs are only able to store smaller amounts of the water soluble nutrients in their body. In addition, based on the size, age and dog’s breed, most puppies and adult dogs can become deficient in certain essential nutrients which might premature aging, cause illness or lethargy. The best dog supplements usually assist in these nutritional problems. Senior dogs might also require a more specialized supplement due to their aging nature.

Nowadays, there are numerous dog supplements on the markets. These supplements come in many forms and they have varying uses. Some of these supplements support the development and overall health of the pet whereas others contain specific nutrients that prevent and cure specific conditions. These are the main reasons why most customers get confused and might even end up harming their dogs with inappropriate products. If you truly love your pets, then choosing quality supplements so as to provide them with a vibrant lifestyle is a vital step of caring for dogs. To help you in this, we have compiled a list of the best dog supplements that you can buy today.

Pet-Tabs Supplements: Best for Coat and Skin

Pet-Tabs represents one of the renowned names within the pet care industry. As such, most of their products are highly recommended by vets for dog care. This supplement is aimed the coat and skin health. The supplement contain high nutrients content than the original formula. It comes in from of chewable tablets. Besides being easily eaten and digested, this property is good for the teeth health of dogs. The product is made in USA and it’s insured meaning that they only guarantee high quality results. One user on Amazon reported using it for more than 8 years while getting positive results all along.

Amazing Nutritionals Supplement for Dogs

This new supplement enhances the pet’s immune system. Furthermore, it deals with most joint problems. Just like the previous products, Amazing Nutritionals contains the necessary substances like chondroitin and glucosamine. However, the most outstanding property is “good bacteria”, that restores digestive balance for dogs. Digestion is very important as compared to other body functions. The dogs with a functional digestive system can stay far away from vomiting, diarrhea or constipation. They will have better antibiotics in the body. They can also absorb minerals and vitamins more effectively. By doing so, it increases effectiveness of supplements thus making the pet immune to sickness and healthy as well.

Glucosamine Advanced Supplement for Joint and Hip

Advanced Supplement for Joint and Hips is dedicated to cure and prevent join problems. The product uses a very proven formula with vitamins E, chondroitin and glucosamine to relieve the joint pains while also maintaining joint functions. The cartilage is also repaired reduce the stress on joints. Any form of inflammation is also eliminated by MSM. The minerals and vitamins present slows down degeneration of joints. This allows pets to be more comfortable and mobile. Apart from curing your dog of arthritis, it also prevents any future joint problems.

Nutri-vet Wellness Supplements

Elderly dogs generally require different nutrients supply to maintain body functions and also fight illness. At 9 years or older, most dogs will suffer from pains due to arthritis. However, that should not worry you because there’s Nutri-vet Wellness Supplements which contains zinc, manganese and copper. The product can strengthen and rebuild the cartilage, then lubricate and connect their joints. Additionally, MSM keeps these connections from inflammations and getting damaged again. With this support, your dog will always be rejuvenated just like a puppy. You will even see it running around the house and playing games such as tug-of-war.

Doggie Dailies Supplement for Senior Dogs

Having been made with the exclusive Doggie Dailies formula, this product is specially-designed to give dogs convenient and comfortable joints. Besides chondroitin, MSM and glucosamine, there are many useful fatty acids for lubricating cartilage and joints. It will also increase power and strength of the bone connections while still decreasing any risk of getting damage and friction. Furthermore, these vital nutrients helps the dog to recover better in case they have been wounded. There are other useful ingredients in the product such as vitamins C and E for skin and coat health. The product also contains olive and fish oil which offers a delicious taste when taking the supplement.

Nutramax DS Chewable Tablet

Most dogs usually have joint problems in the course of their life because of their overactive lifestyle. As time passes by, the joints get weakened and tired which leads to several dangerous symptoms. As a result, dog supplements that usually help in preserving and protecting dog’s cartilage and joints are better suited in most situations. Even though they care for your dog’s overall health with essential nutrients, they still have specific substances for counter certain illnesses. And Nutramax is a perfect example.

This dog supplement is designed keep the pet always energetic and active, even as they age. The product has chondroitin, MSM, glucosamine and significant elements that maintains cartilage and joints. Cartilage usually plays as the hook in between bones. Therefore, when it is loosened, the joints will not function properly and this leads to discomfort and pains. However, cartilage will remain fresh and strong thanks for this supplement and even improve on the performance. Nutramax DS also has other nutrients and antioxidants which reduce degeneration body parts. Therefore, with Nutramax, your dog’s joyful and energetic fashion will last for a very long period of time.


Dogs are our close friends. As such, they ought to be cared for in the same way that we cherish our fellow human beings. Having a nutritious and well balanced diet is crucial for our health as well as that of dogs. This is why it is important to feed the, with the best supplements on the market. Of course, there are additional supplements that your dog requires, though in small dosages than the supplements listed above. Nonetheless, dogs require supplements on a daily basis and in sufficient quantities to stay healthy and happy.


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