Top 10 Kids Friendly Dog Breeds

Owning a dog is a wonderful thing. Besides providing lasting friendship, unconditional love and companionship, they have also been known to reduce stress and lower blood pressure. Dogs also boost the confidence and social skills of children and adults. Not to mention the fact that walking dogs and getting outdoors on a regular basis also has its own health benefits.

The idea of choosing the perfect dog is just like choosing another new family member. As such, there are many things to think about and the decision should not be taken lightly. To be more precise, there are many dog breeds on the market and they usually come in various shapes, sizes, character traits and personalities. Therefore, are you searching for a dog which shall be a perfect companion for your kids? If yes, then worry less. We have narrowed down the list to 10 best dogs for kids along with the amazon link to the pet owner’s manual.


Commonly referred to as the “clown,” boxers are family-oriented breed with a mischievous nature. Being sweet and affectionate, boxers are loyal companions who take joy playing with children. Leery of strangers, the dog breed displays some cautiousness till familiarity is obtained. Boxers need a great deal of stimulation and exercise to prevent boredom or any ensuing destructive behaviors such as chewing and digging.


For a devoted and patient dog that will surely act affectionately towards your children, the Bulldog breed is your go-to dog. It has a very sturdy build which is perfect for children who love to roughhouse. Even though it is not the most energetic dog, it still serves as a great companion for kids. A docile, loyal and friendly dog, the Bulldog will get along well with the other breeds and pets at home. It’s comfortable living in both larger houses and small apartments. They are also compatible with the other pets, thus making them the ideal fit for a busy and social family.


Mastiff is a relatively large dog-breed weighing between 120 – 230 pounds. However, why does this breed make a good choice as a children’s companion? The dog is very gentle, naturally protective, observant and affectionate. This breed has the natural ability of detecting a threat. It also likes snuggling with the family members while still taking good care of people in its life. Having been known to have a soft mouth (tendency to carry objects very gently in the mouth), this dog is a great playmate for children.

Irish Setter

Widely known for their red coat, these breeds are playful and energetic. They also loves playing with children and being around people. This dog breed likes being with family members so much to an extent that they generally hate being alone. This means that these dogs are on their best behaviors when they’re surrounded by loved ones. In addition, it requires lots of exercise which is an amazing match for those energetic kids.


The beagle breed is a very happy dog with an affectionate, friendly nature and fondness for kids. This dog is pack oriented and it prefers to move around with family members whenever the opportunity comes. It enjoys outdoor activities and adventures. The dog also loves food. While licking up the scraps that your kids might have dropped seems helpful, you should be aware of dangerous or toxic foods that you do not want your beagle to get its mouth

Hungarian Viszla

Hungarian Viszla is a very active pet for families that love spending time outdoors. It can also offer a lot of physical exercise as this energetic hunting dog makes a great addition to any family. Besides being fiercely loyal, at times to the point of getting clingy, the Vassals are still loving, tactile and sturdy breeds of dogs which are perfect for kids.

Bichon Frise

This is a happy and playful little dog that does not require too much exercise. As such, Bichon Frise is ideally-suited for apartment living or the less active families. These dogs are intelligent and they can be somehow stubborn to train. However, they usually make up for this little flaw with their affectionate and loving nature.


Nicknamed “The Nature’s Babysitter,” Newfoundland breed is considered as being among the highly intelligent dog breeds across the world. They also happen to like kids and are protective of them. Being gentle, patient and kind, these dogs are just like Mother Teresa of the dogs. Both old and young people will easily fall in love with these wonderfully sweet and large dogs. The Newfoundland breed best suits families with larger open spaces.


Besides often-distinctive haircuts that they have, the Poodle breed also happens to be a gentle and very smart dog. The dogs are is available in the standard and miniature sizes which means that you can pick the specific size that matches your living environments. They are great for children with allergy problems since they usually shed very little. Every breed comes with its own unique features. For example, Standard Poodle breeds are very smart and playful. Miniatures usually tend to dedicate their time to a given person in particular. Nonetheless, they’re good with kids and other pets, and are playful, smart, responsive and obedient which makes them a very great match for children.

German Shepherd Dog

The German shepherd is highly regarded as being a devoted protector of all its family members. Being super intelligent, this breed surpasses most dogs at training. For instance, you can train the German shepherd to continue keeping up with the pace of your kids when they are bicycling, help you to corral them when playing in the yard or even sleep next to them at night. While German shepherds have a healthy dose of gentleness, affection and playfulness, it excels quite well as a watchdog and it takes this job seriously.

Final Verdict

For most parts, children and dogs are ideal matches; they mostly share a very close and special bond together. As such, getting a dog breed that will get on well with your kids is a great step. Now that you have known a few things about the kid-friendly dogs, picking one for your family and home should be an easy task.

Good luck!

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