If you have bought a professional grooming tool for our fur baby, then you must have invested your money well. Dog grooming is a serious business. There are more than top 10 dog grooming clippers in the market. For those first timers who are grooming their dogs at home, your apprehension is totally valid. We will take care of you.

You can definitely bring your dogs to grooming every time to avoid further problems. Eventually it will be more expensive if their fur and claws grow longer. Thus, we have come up with some of the best grooming clippers in the market and how to choose the best suitable one for you and your pooch:

Observe how the experts do their stuff. Before you dive into grooming your pet, you should do a little of research on how to do it right. You can definitely ask the groomers on how to use clippers when at home. However, you can also make use of Youtube videos where there are useful tutorial or instructional videos for a specific breed.

It is very important that you begin with a clean slate. Keep in mind that your dog should have been groomed, given a bath or completely dry before clipping session begins.  Begin with a clean slate. Make sure you have given the pooch proper bath time, grooming an completely dry the coat. You will be damaging the hair especially when the hair is wet and dirty.

Wet and dirty coat can result into hair loss due to excessive pulling of hair. This will be very uncomfortable and painful experience. You do ot want to instill anxiety to your dogs when using clippers for the first time.

When buying a clipper you should keep in mind that you are only choosing pet specific ones. Dog clippers can definitely and effectively go about your grooming plans without damaging the claws and hair of your beloved fur baby.

For the meantime, here’s a quick checklist of for Proper grooming and hygiene for your pet dogs at home:

  • Groom Daily ✓
  • Clean Ears Weekly ✓
  • Brush Teeth y ✓
  • Bathe Monthly ✓
  • Trim

Do you have suggestions or tips on dog grooming? Please do let us know on the comments below.


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