Top 10 Best Dog Grooming Brushes Reviews

Everyone would agree with the fact that grooming is a very important aspect to enhance a dog’s beauty. A well-groomed pet appears healthy, attractive and has shiny fur. Just remember that dogs shed fur on a regular basis and grooming has to be done regularly. This is where dog grooming brushes become useful.

Even though there are several grooming brushes being sold on the market, some of them always offer disappointing results. These brushes do not deliver they promise or even last for a long period. Therefore, you should be extra careful, and conduct some prior research in case you would like to get the value for your cash. It’s very important that you do a review of available options before investing in one.

Here we’ve reviewed all the most popular grooming brush models along with their functionality.

10. Chris Christensen’s Oval Pin Brush

Chris Christensen’ Oval Pin Brush ranks among the simplest brushes that you can get today. The brush will help you to effectively get the grooming job done. It has pins that are made of quality stainless steel materials. It also has polished tips which are among the smoothest available options. This dog grooming brush also has a solid and lightweight beech wood body that comes with a grip handle.

9. Furminator’s Dual Brush

Furmanator brush is a great brush that’s designed for dogs. It helps in eradicating loose hairs, tangles and mats. It also offers a short and silky coat without causing any harm to your dog. The dog has the dual flex heads that are specially-designed to follow natural outlines of the dog’s body.

One side of this grooming brush comes together with silky pins that help to remove tangles and mats. The remaining side of this model is bristle brush and it makes the coat shiny and smooth.

8. For Your Dog’s Combo Brush

For Your Dog’s model is a nice option for people that want to spend less. It’s a very simple brush that comes with 2 sides which can be used on all coat types and breeds. Due to its lightweight design, it isn’t very strong and it may not eliminate loose fur efficiently as compared to other models. However, it works well. The comb also has one side with the round tip pins designed for tangles and dead fur.

7. Oster ShedMonster’s De-Shedding Grooming Tool for Dogs

If you want a special dog grooming tool that reaches deep inside the coat and cuts long hairs then this is perfect for you. As you know quite well, excessive shedding of hair isn’t always healthy but at times it’s mandatory to shed off a lot. By careful grooming, you will not affect the skin or coat. Basically, Oster’s brush is well-designed using stainless steel and the curved teeth on the brush are meant to infiltrate down into the dog’s coat.

6. Kong Zoomgroom Brush

If you’re searching for professional grooming results, here comes your solution. The ZoomGroom model can remove all loose hairs that the other contemporary brushes can’t. In fact, the brush works just like hair magnets. The tapered bristles will massage your dog’s skin while stimulating production of natural oils for a healthy coat. In short, it’s an easy grooming and shampooing brush.

5. Pet Republiques Professional Comb Rake

Pet Republique has manufactured a great dog’s comb. The comb is advertised as a professional tool which was designed for removing mats and tangles. To ensure that it will get the grooming job done without instances of pulling out dog’s hair, this comb comes together with 2 sets of teeth; there’s a with 23 teeth while the other has 12. In regard to construction, this comb features a plastic handle that improves grip.

4. HappyDogz Slickers Grooming Brush

HappyDogz provides a great brush which can be utilized for most types of coats. The brush was specially-made for removing tangles, dead hair and debris. It also uses soft pins that are placed fairly apart from one another. This dog brush is made of metal with rubberized handles. It’s reasonably priced making it affordable to people of all budgets. In addition, it’s made to guarantee comfort for your dog. This brush will work well on dogs with both thin and thick coat.

3. Li’l Pal Slicker Brush

The Li’l Pal Brush is efficient and inexpensive at the same time. It is a relatively simple grooming brush. The brush comes with flexible pins with plastic tips. These plastic tips are meant to prevent your pet from feeling any form of discomfort. In regard usage, this comb can be used for a long period of time. It also removes hair gently. Li’l Pal Slicker Brush works well with loose hair, tangles or can even be used for removing debris.

2. Monoinside’s Slicker Pin Brush

This brush is designed for excellent dog grooming; those with short and long hair. It’s a great household accessory to have in case you have dogs at home. With this dog grooming brush, keeping the pet’s fur clean won’t be hard anymore. The brush has flexible bristles designed to remove dirt and prevent mats and tangles. It also comes together with a very unique button that effortlessly releases entangled hair and fur.

1. Oster 18-Tooth Brush

Oster’s Professional Undercoat Brush ranks among the best grooming tools. It works quite well on the dog’s coat. This brush is a complete dog grooming accessory with combs and hair rake for various coats an dog breeds. Oster brush will easily eliminate dead undercoat through marginal cutting. The model is great when it comes to providing the desired shape quickly. Moreover, it’s prodigious for finishing, de-shedding and thinning your dog’s hair. The rounded ends on this brush are also safe to stop any skin irritation.


If you’ve got a decent budget, ensure that you buy a quality dog grooming brush that will fulfill your dog’s needs. There are numerous brushing tools that are available today and designed for different purposes.

However, you’ll have to put into consideration the size of your dog, its age, skin condition and coat before making a purchase. This will ensure that you get the right brush for your dog. Just remember that using a high quality brush will save you time and also keep the dog’s coat healthy and shiny.

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