Owning a dog at home requires training. Domesticating a dog will take some time and a lot of puppy training products to use. Before your puppy makes breakfast out of your Christian Louboutine shoes, you should begin puppy training as soon as you can.

Whether you are training for a new puppy or an old dog, you can either hire a private trainer or achieve basic training all by yourself. Below are some of the tips that professional dog training recommends that will help you tackle your unruly puppy at home and finding effective puppy training products suitable for your needs:

Your dog’s name matters. Please put much attention into choosing the monicker for your furbaby. You should be wise and respectful about it. You will need to pick a name that you love. However, while on training, it will help you when you pick a name with a strong consonant end on it. This will allow you to say the name of the dog clearly. Names like Pepper, Ginger, Jack or Max, for example, can definitely perk up a puppy’s ear. Be consistent about it, so the dog can get used to it and respond accordingly.

Determine your house rules before the puppy comes home. Decide on the things he can and cannot do. Things like places which the puppy is allowed to roam around, certain off-limits areas for him or her. Will the puppy have his own dining space? By doing so, you will get rid of confusion for you both.

A private den for your puppy is a must. Set it up that it can be his private space inside the house. You should give him or her space where he can privately sleep on his own without anyone else or another pet around. Reward the puppy as soon as he gets settled in, quiet and relaxed in his own space. You can make use of a pimp up crate for house training.

Reward good behaviour by the moment the puppy comes home. You can find treats that you can occasionally give. This will reinforce good behaviour and get rid of the negative ones.

You can find products in the market that will help them settle in. When the puppy gets home, you can give him a nice warm bottle of water before going to sleep. Furthermore, find toys which he can spend time with.

Have you brought a new puppy at home? Please do share comments and insights with us. We would love to hear from you all!


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