The 7 Best and Coolest Dog Accessories Reviews

Owning a dog owner is an honor and challenge at the same time. There’s nothing more satisfying as compared to having a loyal companion and friend who will be by your side most of the times. Owning a dog also means that you’ll responsible for yet another life. It’s your duty to ensure that the basic needs of your dog are met. However, that’s not the only job that you should do.

As the owner, you should take time and cultivate a very strong bond with the pet. The more time that you spend together with the dog, the stronger the bond will be. It’s therefore important that you get out of your homestead with your beloved pet, even if it’s just a short trip to a nearby dog park. Modern dog owners have access to a wide range of accessories that makes life easier with the dog.

Just take a closer look at these dog accessories reviewed below:

7. Clickit Sports Dog Harness

Dogs love going out for a car ride. However, sometimes this excitement puts them at risk. As such, it’s unsafe to allow your dog to wander in the car. However how exactly can you keep the dog in his seat as you drive around? Clickit Sports Dog Harness is the right solution. This three-point dog safety harness will play 2 important roles; the harness is designed for keeping your pet safe in the seat and it helps in redistributing damaging forces if an accident happens. This accessory is made out of ballistic nylon. The material is an energy-absorbing fabric thus making it ideal to keep the dog secure and safe in the car.

6. Outward Hound DayPaks for Dogs

There’s nothing which is more enjoyable as compared to spending the whole day outside along with your pet. However, a whole day hiking with the dog requires that you bring along a few supplies like treats, food and water. Instead of stuffing all these necessities in your own backpacks, why not have the dog carry the stuffs that he/she requires? The Outward DayPak is a nice solution for camping and hiking trips. The DayPak has 4 expandable pockets and it comes in a great saddlebag-style design. This accessory also has the D-ring. You can therefore attach the dog’s leash directly onto this pack. Furthermore, it features vibrant colors and reflective accents for enhancing visibility for the safety of your dog.

5. Ruffwear Swamp Cooler

This is a great option during summer. The air mesh material usually increases durability of this coat. Also, the buckles are normally hidden beneath the construction material so as to avoid getting tangled or uncoupling. And it is simple to use; simply soak it in water, rinse it out and then put it on. This lightweight coat will do the rest by reflecting the sun’s rays so as to deflect the heat for your active dog. There’s a reflective strip also which makes the dark dogs easy to spot in any low light condition.

4. Solvit Deluxe Dog Booster Seat

Having a relatively small dog means you can bring along your pet just about anywhere that you go. However, traveling by car may be dangerous for those smaller dogs because, in case there’s a crash, the dog might be thrown out from his/her seat. That’s precisely where the Solvit Deluxe Seat comes in. the seat will offer your dog with a very comfy place to sit inside the car. It also keeps your dog protected in case an accident occurs. This seat has a basket-like design with an integrated harness and padded interior. The basket installs easily and quickly, taking the support from this booster seat under it and then latching in the safety belt inside your car

3. The Snuggly Dog Microfiber Dog Towel

It is a fact of life that irrespective of where you bathe a dog, he/she somehow runs to your couches while they are still soaking wet. Snuggly Towel for Dogs is meant for times when your pet has flooded the house as it runs away after bathing. The towel is made out of microfiber and it’s similar to robes. It attaches at the chest so that it stays on while the dog dries. The towel is great for soggy walks, at-home baths or when driving back home after a swim to keep the car dry.

2. Metal Buckle LED’s Dog Collar

Having a walk before going to bed is vital for a good sleep at night. However, in case you are worried about the dark streets and the safety of your dog, getting an LED’s dog collar is the right solution. The USB-charged dog collar comes in 7 different colors. It can stay lit for more than one week of 1-hour walks just with a single charge. Also, it has 3 light settings designed for different flashes. The dog collar comes in different sizes ranging from XS to L (10 -23.4 inches). This is an ideal choice for night walks in regions without streetlights. It will allow passing drivers to easily spot the dog.

1. iFetch Interactive Ball Thrower

Dogs love a game of fetch. However, while your pet could keep on playing for hours, eventually your arm will get tired. This is where iFetch Too Ball Thrower becomes useful. The automatic ball launcher will make it easy for the dog to play the fetch game for as long as he/she likes. The accessory runs on an in-built, rechargeable battery. It also comes with 3 full-sized tennis balls. In order to use this ball thrower, you simply have to drop the ball into thrower’s back and it shall launch this ball to a pre-determined distance; 10, 25 or even 40 feet. By using this automatic launcher, you can always relax in your outdoor chair as you watch the dog chase ball after ball.

Final Verdict

Modern dog owners have access to several unique gadgets, toys and supplies that makes their job as dog owners to be easy and more enjoyable. Having the right dog accessories will take away some of the stress of traveling together with your dog. Furthermore, the perfect accessories will keep the dog fully-occupied for several hours when you are not around to play with together. Any of the above-listed accessories will be a great investment for your pet to enjoy.


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