The 5 Best Dog Training Books

The joys of owning a dog are endless. However, parenting poorly behaved dogs can be less than joyful. Finding out where to start from with your beloved companion is an overwhelming prospect, more so if you are training him/her yourself. Nonetheless, finding the right dog training book is a huge step, and The Pet Haven is here to help!

Whether you’re undertaking specialized training, advanced training or basic obedience training with your pet, the best training manuals are a must-have resource. Below is a list of books that are well-regarded within the dogs training community and they come from the most experienced dog trainers.

Read on to find out the one that suits your personal needs.

Be the Pack Leader by Cesar Milan

It is hard to speak about top-rated best training books for dogs without mentioning Cesar Milan. As New York Times’ bestseller and one of the renowned dog trainers around the world, this comprehensive book is centered on taking your relationship with your pet a notch a higher. The book will equip you with the necessary knowledge that you require to make your canine respect you. To be more specific, you will learn on how to be assertive so as to help your dog lead a balanced and happier life.

Cesar has gone out of his way by sharing success stories from his happy followers and clients including the Grogan family; widely known for their roles in Marley and Me American comedy-drama. Cesar also teaches on how to use important tools like harnesses, leashes and collars so as to get intended results. In addition, this book has actionable tidbits for satisfying your dog’s requirement irrespective of the breed. Describing this training book, a happy client says that Cesar Milan arrives in chaos and he leaves peace behind. How about that!

101 Dog Tricks by Kyra Sundance

Now that you’ve got dog training down, you should keep your pet engaged and mentally sharp by teaching him/her tricks. The 101 Dog Tricks book is the perfect guide to teach. It is full of color-coded guides to the 101 tricks. Every trick is rated with the difficulty level along with the necessary “prerequisites” that your dog ought to know in advance. These 101 tricks range from standard stay, sit and fetch to more advanced tricks “get water from the fridge.” Besides being useful, the idea of teaching your pet tricks can help in keeping dogs active, engaged and challenged. This will make them less likely to bring about destruction around your home.

If you are looking for a one-stop shop for dog tricks, Kyra Sundance’s book is for you.

The Amazon reviewers say that the book has everything that you need so as to turn lazy dogs into trick machines.

Lucky Dog Lessons by Brandon McMillan

Written by Brandon McMillan, an award-winning star of CBS’s show Lucky Dog and celebrity dog trainer, this dog training book contains good stuff that all dog owners will love reading. Undoubtedly among the best obedience training books for dogs, this book will teach how you can earn the dog’s trust and also build long-lasting friendship. Additionally, you will learn on how you can set your pet for success by understanding how you can leverage on the dog’s age, personality and breed during training. The author also shares his playful and positive approach for making your dog to obey (and respond) to HEEL, DOWN, NO, OFF, COME, SIT and STAY commands.

Also, the book provides solutions to the common problems like bad behaviors, barking, house training, chewing, mealtime misbehavior as well as door dashing. In the long-run, you should be in a position to get your pet’s
attention, interact with it based on his/her energy level and use the treats effectively. It’s also important to note
that Brandon has based this guide on the success stories of his 3 dogs: Jemma, Apollo and Grover.

In simple terms, Lucky Dog Lessons book shares practical training tips with proven abilities to get the job well- done.

Lelah Sullivan’s Training Your Own Service Dog

Acquiring service dogs can be an expensive and lengthy procedure. Lelah Sullivan’s Training Your Own Service Dog is a guide to teach your pet skills to help him be a great companion. Lelah is a retired service dogs’ trainer. She has covered the fundamentals of dog training for a wide range of disabilities. Even though it is recommended to go through licensed service dog agencies for most needs, this book can actually help those who want extra help in the house and they lack extra funds for acquiring an official service agency. Also, the author has a Facebook page that she visits on a regular basis for suggestions and advice.

Amazon customers say that this is the most comprehensive book to self-training service dogs. Owners also say that their pets are well-behaved, better in public and around crowds. They can also follow several commands after
finishing the said steps.

Dog Training Revolution by Zak George

Zak George is a celebrated dog trainer widely known for his YouTube channel. His book, Dog Training Revolution is certainly one of the best training guides because it offers a new take to raise the perfect dog. The 240-page manual covers all basics, from dog training to aggression and leash-pulling. It also offers the must-know tips on dog ownership, such as when to take the dog to the vet as well as how to choose the right foods for his needs. George has provided a friendly and humane approach to dog training, which is packed with vital advice on “talking to” your dog and decoding.

Zak George’s guide is certainly heavier on “how-to’s” than it’s on the technical training material. This is why it is regarded as the best. It touches lightly on every topic, and it is a good choice for both new dog owners or veterans
who need a refresh. Reviewers love the tips on “speaking to the dog” through body language and positive reinforcement.


We hope that you have enjoyed reading this dog training books review and you can now easily choose one whose content are in line with your pet’s breed, physical ability and age.

All books in the above review have been written by expert trainers and they will certainly get the job done provided that you follow the guidelines properly. Over to you!


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