The 5 Best Dog Health Dry Foods for 2018

Dry dog food is a very convenient staple food for any dog breed, and most renowned brands have exceptional formulas that ensures your dog get all important minerals, vitamins and overall nutrition that they need so as to stay healthy and strong.

In this comprehensive guide, we will reveal the 5 best dog health dry foods in the market. If you pick any of the foods presented in this article, you can be assured that you’ll be choosing proven products that will never let you down. In addition, they will certainly be loved by the dog. Keeping this fact in mind, let’s now look at the best rated dry dog food available.

Natural Balance Ingredients Dry Dog Food

This dog dry food is unique thanks to duck and potato formula. Natural Balance Dog Food is a grain-free formulation and it’s ideally-suited for adult dogs. One major feature of this food is the fact that it is not packed with lots of ingredients that might confuse you on the on-set. Natural Balance food is quite different. The formula only has minimal range of ingredients that enters the dog’s system. This is actually a great thing. The formulation has simple ingredients such as potatoes which is a great source of energy for your dog.

Your dog won’t be exposed to any artificial flavors, preservatives or colors. The dog will only consume what’s essential for his overall health and growth. This dog dry food is specially-formulated so as to enhance the dog’s coat and skin. It also promotes the best possible digestive health. By using Natural Balance Food, you’ll be able to strategically specify what your dog consumes.

Cesar Small Dog Breed Dry Food

Here’s an amazing treat for those smaller dogs. Cesar Dry Dog Food comprises of real beef as a major
supplement; a taste which dogs really love. The food is perfectly-suited for smaller breeds and it’s specially crafted with a total of 26 nutrient-rich ingredients that are essential for small breeds. Even though Cesar Dry Dog Food has been specially crafted with small breeds in mind, adult dogs can still take this food. Even the bigger dogs will undoubtedly adore this delectable meaty chunk.

The Cesar Food for Dogs also has great ground wheat, bone meal, ground yellow corn, brewers rice, beet pulp, soybean, some natural flavors, gluten meal and chicken by-product meal that your pet can feast on. Moreover, the formulation contains a wide array of vitamins and minerals that will maintain and promote a healthy well-being of your dog. Nutrients such as Vitamin A supplements, Vitamin D3, Folic Acid and Potassium Iodide are also contained in this dry dog food.

IAMS PROACTIVE HEALTHY Adults MiniChunk Dry Dog Foods

If you love vegetables and you would like your pet to experience the greatness of vegetables, the IAMS Proactive dry food for dogs might just be your best choice. This formula has beet pulp which helps in healthy digestion. The IAMS formula also integrates real chicken for stronger and firmer muscles. Additionally, your dog shall be grateful for omega-6 fatty acids that he will consume. These nutrients are ideal for a better coat and skin.

IAMS also offers a series of many different recipes that are customized to meet specific needs of different breeds of dogs. They’ve got something for different dog types that caters for every shape and size. Overall, IAMS Proactive is the ideal dog food for adult dogs in case want him to consume something that contains high-quality ingredients without any fillers; wholesome ingredients only.

Purina ONE SmartBlend’s True Instinct Dry Dog Food

Now here comes a distinct dog food that’s specially formulated so as to benefit the entire body. This food brand even promises that owners will see great and positive differences in their dogs after a 28-days period of consuming this food. If you are searching for a dog food that’s crafted for adult ones, then Purina ONE SmartBlend is a great choice.

This product has been made using a special recipe that includes a blend of venison and real turkey. This makes Purina ONE formula a must-try food for dogs. The Venison formula and Purina Turkey is
indeed something that will make your dog’s meal more enjoyable while still keeping you full of confidence that everything your pet requires is right there in the formulation. The dog food is highly digestible. In addition, it contains significant proteins and it’s a natural source of glucosamine and several nutrient-rich ingredients that will support dogs with active lifestyles.

Merrick Grain-Free Dog Food

Now here comes another popular dog health dry food. Merrick Grain Free Food is something which will give your dogs a rich proteins experience coming from deboned chicken. In case you think that your dog has sensitivities to grains, then Merrick Dry Dog Food doesn’t have any grains in its formulation thus making it a great choice. Furthermore, it doesn’t have wheat, soy, corn or gluten ingredients.

A responsible dog owner is someone who feeds his/her dog with something that’s easy to digest and also promotes gastrointestinal health. By doing so, you’ll have an active pet with outstanding vitality. Merrick Grain Free Formula is also processed using leading Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids. These nutrients will nourish a healthy coat and skin. After feeding on a regular basis, you can be assured that your dog
will have healthy joints and hips thanks to the high chondroitin and glucosamine levels.


Choosing the right dog health dry food to feed your pet may drive you crazy. You are not alone here. You share this same dilemma with millions of other dog owners around the world. Fortunately, the internet has that are specially-written to help you pick the right foods, based on their standards and ensure that you get the right meals for your beloved dog.

After filtering the many available options, we’ve narrowed down to the top-rated dry dog food that you can buy today. These 5 foods are among the best-selling formulations in the industry. In addition, they have built a very solid reputation thanks to the quality of their products. Now, everything is upon you to choose one depending on the dog breed, age or any other preferences that you think is necessary. Just buy one and you can be rest assured that your dog will lead a healthy life with all important nutrients.


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