Dogs are considered men’s best friend. Some are adorable clueless than other breeds. However, when it comes with working intelligence, there are certain dog breeds which really stand out from the rest. The most intelligent dog breeds can definitely follow commands and do different sorts of tricks.

Have you ever wondered what takes a dog to be considered as smart? There are certain breeds which have been evaluated with their distinct ability to adapt and be obedient. There are certain breeds which are known to be emotionally and socially dependent on people. They are easier to handle in terms of training. They are receptive to visual stimulation. Below are the most intelligent dog breeds we ever came across with:

Border Collie is the type of dog breed that is said to be the smartest of them all. These herders are known to be fast learners. They can learn new commands in less than five seconds.

The Poodle is a hypoallergenic and smart breed. They are consistent in terms of obedience. Thus they are known to be effective therapy dogs.

German Shepherds are known to be service and police dogs. They are also suitable for medical assistance and therapy dogs because of their obedient and consistent nature.

The Golden Retriever is known to be America’s most loved dog. This is also intelligent breeds that are originally meant for hunting. However, the golden retrievers are goofballs and fun loving by nature.

The Shetland Sheepdogs are smaller compared to collies. Yet, these adorable fluffballs are known for their obedient nature, agility and herding skills. Shelties are geared towards barking, chasing and herding. Yet their affectionate nature and cuddle lovers melt any negativity. Known to be fearless protectors, Doberman Pinscher is amazing as a companion and a guard dog. They can hang out with kids without hurting them. Thanks to Louis Dobermann who happens to be a German Tax Collector who brought this breed to stardom

Rottweilers are most likely associated with Ancient Rome’s drover dogs. They look dependable nd rugged. This breed will be your best friend and protector for life.

The Labrador Retriever are capable of being guide and narcotic detection dogs as well as everyday family dog. These Labradors are known to love pleasing their owners. Thus, it is the most popular breed across the United States for the last 27 years.

The Papillon is the first toy breed that will crack the top dogs. They are competitive in terms of agility and obedience.

Have you owned any of the breeds mentioned? We would love to hear your stories from you about the most intelligent dog breeds!


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