How to Train Your Cat

Having a cat is a two-sided affair – you get the joys of having it brighten your days, and in return, you take care of its everyday needs. Granted, having to handle the random littering is not everybody’s cup of tea.

Fortunately, this and other undesirable behaviors can be trained out of your cat with ease. In fact, while at it, you can train your cat a few tricks that can make it into an object of envy among fellow pet lovers. Essentially, effective cat training should make your cat better behaved and also make it a more charming furry companion.

Training your Cat to Use the Litter Box

The most, and oftentimes the only kind of training some cat owners give their cats is on how to use the litter box. This is an essential part of cat training. Fortunately, most cats will have no issues learning to use a litter box. Ingrained in their DNA is the need to do their business on dirt, and litter boxes turn out to be most natural option for them in any household.

In most cases, when the cat does not seem keen on using a litter box, either from the onset or after a while, it is because the litter box is not comfortable enough them, in which case a few adjustments can fix this problem. You can even go all out and help your cat learn to use the toilet. In addition to impressing fellow cat owners, this should save you from the chore of having to clean out your litter box every now and then.

Things You Should Know about Cat Training

Cats are unique to other kinds of pets. So, don’t expect a dog’s training manual or product to deliver the same results with your cat. First of all, cats do not like to be controlled – they value their independence. That means that forcing them into submission through negative reinforcement will only make them withdrawn.

Even when the cat exhibits undesirable and obviously annoying behaviors, negative reinforcement should not be an option. For instance, when the cat starts scratching wooden furniture around the house, yelling and chasing it away will not help, you should offer a more exciting distraction, such as a scratching pole and then a favorite treat. With time, the cat will learn to keep its claws away from your furniture.

Also know that some of the undesired behaviors your cat exhibits are simply playtime in its book. For instance, when it plays rough, it might not see the harm that comes from that. However, you cannot let such behavior go on simply to avoid instilling fear in your pet through negative reinforcement.

There are subtle and clearly understandable interventions you can use to make the cat know that what it is doing is wrong so that it desists from such behavior. For instance, when you distract it from the fun it is having digging its sharp claws into your leg as a form of play, it will soon associate that behavior with limited playtime and avoid if in future.

Cat Training Products

There are a lot of great cat training products out there that can help you make a better companion out of your pet. These products include animal and cat training books. You can even learn things like training your cat to coexist peacefully with other cats when that seems to be a challenge in your household.

While some of the cat training products on the market are quite comprehensive, there are a number of options that cater to the needs of those who do not have a lot of time on their hands. These products should be ideal for people who simply want their cats to master basics such as using the litter box.

Clicker training advice is also available, as well as more ambitious training products intended for cats that have already learned the basics and their owners would like to make their lives more exciting. This includes things like teaching the cat how to use the toilet.

Additionally, if you cat seems to exhibit nothing but undesirable behaviors such as spraying and scratching, there are training manuals that specifically help address such problems. Therefore, you should not have to put up with any undesirable behavior from your cat longer than necessary; the cat training market is full of products that should help you get a more fulfilling relationship with your pet.

Similarly, you can learn more about cats, why they behave the way they do, and live with them better by using products that teach you more about them. For instance, you can learn why some cats will handle training so well while others will put up a lot of resistance.

Some cat training products are more direct and to the point. These includes things like sprays that you can use to let the cat know that what it has done is wrong. There are also automatic repellents that can be used on cats and other pets to know when they have exceeded their bounds.

Cats are notorious for their self-interest and independence, and resistance to the kinds of training that dogs take up so readily. But that is not to say they cannot be trained.

Cats can also be well-behaved family members and companions.

In fact, they can also learn a few fun tricks. However, your approach has to be delicate since cats do not respond to techniques such as negative reinforcement as dogs and other kinds of pets do. So, you have to be careful not to make your relationship with your cat worse through your “training.”

Luckily, there are several products in the market that can help you know how to get started with your cat training on the right foot. These products will help you understand your furry companion better, train bad behaviors out of them, and even help them master a few tricks that will make your relationship more exciting for the both of you.

Owning a cat should be fun and enjoyable, and the trick to getting this kind of experience lies in teaching your cat to do certain things.


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