As the temperature begins to drop, winter will definitely make your dog feel cold.  One of the most practical things to do for your dog is to find the best dog jacket for winter season. This will definitely help your fur babies in coping with the cold and grit of winter. Buying the best winter jacket for your dogs can be quite confusing. Especially for those human parents who are not quite familiar with the type of winter gears, their dogs would require in order to survive the winter months.

Before you go shopping for a winter coat for your dog, you need to decipher which one you should invest with. We came up with some of the most practical tips in buying the best dog jacket for winter for your furbabies at home:

Please have a look at your dog’s anatomy. Your coat must be the right length in order to snug comfortably in place once your worn. If you have suitable winter coat, your dog can have enough space to move and run around without restrictive clothing.

Measure your dog from shoulder and waist ( the narrowest part of the dog’s body and the fattest part of your dog’s chest  ). In addition to that, you have to take the measurement of your dog’s neck area.  Different sellers make use of different measuring tools. Thus, always keep your dog’s measurements with you as might need it when you go shopping for your dog’s winter jacket.

Check for the material used for the jacket. When your dog ventures into the wet and mildly cold environment requires a different type of jacket when your dog goes out into a subzero temperature climate for long. Think of water resistance and water proof materials and the ability of the jacket to provide insulation. Once you have figured out what your dog might need, you should invest in something that will keep your dog warm and cozy.                                                                                            

Determine if your dog jacket of choice is washable. Most dogs will not wear a jacket that is dirty. Thus, make sure you pick something that will allow you to buy a washable one. Make sure the jacket is suitable for a drop to the washing machine.

These are just some of the tips we can provide for doggo jacket finders. Do you have other tips in mind that can help other dog lovers out there in shopping for the best dog jacket for winter in the market


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