Picking out the best food for your puppies is definitely a significant decision to make as a dog owner.  Nutrition is one important aspect in a dog’s life. It will determine its growth and development. Thus, as a responsible owner, you will only want the best for your fur baby.

Feeding your puppies should contain enough vitamins and minerals to support their growth. There are certain food considerations that you should learn before owning a puppy. You have to understand that most dog parents do not understand that feeding too much calcium to a puppy will increase the puppy’s susceptibility to crippling bone disorders like hip dysplasia. This is true among large breed puppies. However, smaller breeds can eat a wide range and variety of food.

Puppy food is geared towards the specific and special nutritional needs of growing dogs. With almost twice the nutritional requirement of a mature adult dog, you have to pay enough attention to what you feed your babies. The growth of puppies are rapid in terms of their internal organs, bones , joints and muscles. Their immune system may be underdeveloped. Thus, they depend on their nutritional intake to support and protect the body against illness and infection.

When you have a puppy with well balanced nutrition, it can definitely support the growth and development of the puppies towards adulthood. Puppies require high fat in their meals because they need energy to burn and support their almost unstoppable ball of energy to play and discover the world around.

What is the best food to give to you puppies?

Basically, dog food has three classifications: moist, semi-most and dry kibble. The dry type is the best option for puppies. This is because it contains more meat. This option is cost-efficient, practical and better dental hygiene because it cleanses the teeth and is easy to digest.

Always choose the dry kibbles with moist dog food. You can definitely mix them together to add variety from one meal to another.

The semi-moist puppy food is a good choice too. It is practical and easy to digest. You do not have to refrigerate it since it comes with measured packaging, However, it can be expensive and it has no dental benefits.

These are just some of our insights on puppy nutrition. What was approach in feeding your furbaby? Please let us know, comment below!


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