Hi, my name is Mike and I started this site to educate pet owners on the best products for their dogs and cats. Growing up I had two cats and always wanted dogs as well. When I got married we bought a Boston Terrier from what we thought was a local breeder (before learning the horror stories of the breeding industry)

Our Boston Terrier was named Chopper. (Yes from the movie Stand by Me. “Chopper sick balls!”) We had him for two days before we had to bring him to the Vet ER and found out that he had pneumonia, the second stage of kennel cough. The Doctor asked where we got him from and come to find out, Choppers brother was at the same hospital for the same reason. This is when we learned all about puppy mills and the industry of transporting hundreds of dog in trucks to deliver to pet stores and kennels.

Chopper when he was 13. His eyes were almost all white from Glaucoma

Chopper and Lucy playing. Lucy was only a few month old.

This is me with our three dogs. Chloe, Lucy, and Chopper

(Don’t mind my tough guy face. LOL)

On a plane transporting a pup from Aruba to Boston to a new home.

We always work with dog rescues when we travel and offer to be a companion on the flight so we can bring a homeless dog to a new home

I am actually allergic to cats and dogs. (among a million other seasonal things 🙂 but this has never stopped my from enjoying being around Dogs and Cats.

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