10 Cat-Grooming Tools That You Should Have

Grooming is a good way to bond well with your cat. Grooming will also give you the chance to inspect the cat’s ears, coat and feet to spot any potential health issues. It also gives you the opportunity to check the cat’s body for painful joints or growths. Brushing your cat on a regular basis also reduces the amounts of hair that the cat swallows during its own self-grooming sessions. This reduces the chances of hairballs developing.

When you start early, grooming will become an accepted part of the cat’s routine. A good number of adult cats usually tolerate being groomed in case you start slowly and make grooming a positive process. In fact, some cat breeds think that being brushed is one of the best things ever. Although cats are fond of grooming themselves, they still need some help. Below are 10 tools that are guaranteed to keep your pet smelling, feeling and looking great.

10. Pro Pets Work Hypoallergenic Organic Shampoo for Cats

Many products have nowadays gone organic. This has even extended to cat conditioners as well as shampoos. This is indeed the right item for your cat in case you like environment-friendly products for your cat. While this cat grooming tool is intended for cats with allergies to grass, flea bites and food, it can still be utilized as regular shampoos. Since it’s 100% organic, you do not have to get worried about the cat’s skin, eyes or even nose getting irritated.

9. Seafood-flavored Cat Toothpaste

What better way for gaining your pet’s cooperation by brushing it than using savory-flavored pastes? Since the contemporary “human ” toothpaste might harm cats, using specialty toothpastes is the right option. It makes a lot of sense to buy a “cat ” toothpaste that will not only clean its teeth, but also makes the whole process easier on you end and enjoyable for the pet also. Entice the pet with chicken, tuna or beef flavored toothpastes, and watch the tooth-brushing process transforming from a task to one pleasurable experience.

8. Vastar’s Curved Scissor Set

Cat grooming always requires the owner to spend a little money whether they take their cat to professionals or by doing it at home. However, you can always end up saving the much-needed money when you choose to do things your own way and you’ve got all the required basic tools. Besides bathing, combing and brushing the cat, there comes a time when you’ll have to trim part of its fur or even deal with the tangles. This is precisely what Vastar Curved pair of Scissor does. It has everything that you require to keep the cat looking pretty and neat.

7. True Touch Deshedding Gloves for Grooming

This can serve as a great companion tool for your comb or brush. It has soft silicone tips that mimic the hand’s touch thus ensuring that the cat will certainly love it. Since the hair will easily stick to this glove, it will make grooming to be faster. What’s great about this tool is the fact that you can put it on when you want to hold your cat; thus it can be used for grooming and petting.

6. Chirpy Pets Cat Brush

It does not necessarily matter whether your cat is of short or long-haired type, it will always shed. Instead of having fur stuck in your couch and left all over your home, it’s recommended that you carry out regular brushing. And this Chirpy Pets brush is effective at removing lots of loose hair. This makes making it an indispensable tool to have as a cat grooming tool. It is also made from high quality materials.

5. Nylabone Advanced Cat Dental Care Kit

This kit is well-designed for pets. The toothbrush is specially- angled so that it is easy to reach different corners of the cat’s mouth. It has ultra-soft tips that makes the process of cleaning between the teeth easier. The rubber massagers will also manage plaque and any buildup of tartar. This amazing toothpaste has been made well with Denta-C, thus it’s proven for fighting plaque.

4. Top Performances MediStyp Pet Styptic Powder

While grooming the cat’s nails by trimming often looks like a great practice, there comes moments when you’ll accidentally nick it. Since this causes the nails to bleed, ensure that you’ve got this powder at home as it helps in stopping the bleeding and pain. In fact, you should have this powder right beside you at home for easy access whenever you trim cat’s nails.

3. Dremel 7300-PT’s 4.8V Cat Nail Grooming Tool

There are many reasons why this is a bestselling product. The toll makes the whole nail clipping process to be so easy! It cares for the cat’s nails by grinding them instead of clipping them. This is actually more safe and less stressful as compared to other nail clipping tools. There are also 2 rotation speeds available. This will allow you to pick the speed that you would like to work at. In addition, this tool is cordless thus giving you optimum control.

2. Safari Cat’s Shedding Comb

The choice of comb or even brush is completely up to you. As the cat owner, you can even decide to have both of them if you want. However, the combs are quite often preferred for the short-haired cats because there’s no much fur to get through. Safari Cat Comb has a very nice grip that makes grooming fairly easy and comfortable. The bristles on it also alternate between long and short , which makes it ideal for pets with short and long hair.

1. Pet Republiques Professional Nail Clippers

This amazing nail clipper works fine with the smaller animals. With thicker stainless steel blades, the clipper will certainly last for a long period of time. What’s great about the brand is the fact that they usually donate to American’s Animal Rescue Society. As such, purchasing the tool from them will ensure that abandoned pets have a good place to call their home. In case you have some other smaller pets at home such as rabbits, you will not have to bothered buying another clipper for them.


Make your cat pretty with the above cat grooming products. From the nearly effortless de-matting tools to painless and quick claw-clipping, the above 10 tools will certainly take grooming you cat to a whole new level. Regular grooming will definitely keep your cat happy and healthy. Should you ever want to buy a cat grooming kit, then these should be the right items to include.


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